Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I twittered that I think I might need to lay off red wine pretty much forever, as depressing as that is. Last night, as I sat around the kitchen table with the girls, it just tasted SO good! But it always makes me mean and groggy the next day...so be forewarned. :)

The concert Friday was so much fun, and my audition Saturday went well, but now here am in a place I haven't been in a while-- wondering what to work on next. I should get an early start on Mimi, but I'd like to take a break from Boheme for a month or so. So, my teacher, ever the intuitive listener, great confidant, and ultimate encourager, who knows me so well, suggested I look at Rusalka. If you had asked me about that a year ago, I would have said it's crazy to sing that if you're not Renee Fleming-- and I'm not. Obviously. But listening to it, it's just too heavenly to refuse. God knows where I'm going to find someone to teach me the Czech, but in the face of that gorgeous music, it seems like only a minor detail. (Insert Czech people throwing shoes at my head) Gotta love Dvorak melody.

In other news, I applied for an audition in New York that, upon doing some research, I'm pretty sure is a scam. Thank god I hadn't bought a train ticket or anything, or spent hundreds of dollars. I suppose we singers (sopranos, for sure) are easy targets. Thanks for exploiting us and our dedication to our calling, jerks. **this is the red wine talking** But I figured it out before I paid you the $40 fee...so that's one trap I didn't fall into. I missed the Preakness for a lame audition experience, and you can bet I won't ruin a trip to New York for one.

Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the Czechs. If they throw shoes, I'll just kill 'um all.