Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Well, I'm proud to report that I think I AM actually beginning to see results from the time I've been spending at the gym, and even if I am the only one who notices, it's still so worth it. In addition to the working out, Joe and I are trying to be really choosy about eating unprocessed food, and organic vegetables and fruit if we can possibly afford it week to week. But the bottom line is that eating vegetables that are contaminated are I guess ?? better than eating none at all. And my recent trip to Whole Foods just depressed the living day-lights out of me in terms of just what I can actually afford. The fact that I cook so much, and that we eat virtually no prepared food helps matters a lot. I cringe when I think about all those lean cuisines in my past...ohhhh boy.

The results of my tireless lesson-going I think might also be paying off (in some small way) too, as I can feel my voice growing and becoming more solid every day. They say he cells of our bodies regenerate themselves every seven years, and so it is almost like we are constantly becoming new people...I know it is true for my vocal cords...they feel so different than the memory I have of when I first got out of grad school with no middle and a dying top.

I have stopped wasting my time worrying about the application fees, for today at least, and am ready to send off a few more apps today. I feel like I should pray over each one as it goes out or something, though. I will simply stop applying when I run out of money!

Tonight, we're going out to dinner, which seems almost criminal based on the awesome leftovers we have from last night's slow-cooker extravaganza. But sometimes a girl just needs to have an excuse to look hot...wait, I never need an excuse to get dressed up... which leads me to my next exciting directive for this weekend: MUST buy something for myself to wear. I've been such a good little organizer and have completely rid myself of countless things that were just clogging up the closet works, and now I realize why I kept all that stuff-- to make me feel like I had some clothes! I was watching this season of the Rachel Zoe Project, and it's reminding me of all the fabulous clothing in the world. Which is precisely the reason I watch it-- I get inspired, both to take the time to be pretty, and to not EVER, ever talk in the horrifically annoying way Rachel Zoe does, or be whiny like Taylor. But I love Brad supremely, so he is the other reason.

Today, it is sunny and cold, just like I like fall to be, and it's almost lunch time. Life is good.

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