Monday, September 20, 2010


I was not at my best last night. It was below Jessica standards, but I tried really hard not to berate myself over the whole thing. What could I expect singing in a room that was basically carpeted from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, having left any hope of vocal freshness behind after the high holidays and yesterday's taxing anthem, and hormonal drama on top of it, a fabulous audition sparkling with delight was probably not in the cards.

Tonight, however, I have vowed to leave all thoughts of singing behind and just freaking go shopping.

What I really want is a Louis Vuitton Alma bag, but since that's not humanly possible right now, I'll settle for a new eye-liner at Sephora and an appetizer at PF Changs.

It's the little things, people.


Alexandra said...

things from sephora make bad singing days better.
look forward to following your journey!

Zoe said...

Your tote bag made me laugh out loud :) Lets get those manufactured and make make millions!

*all dressed up and everywhere to go* said...

Yeah, let's! and then maybe I can afford the louis vuitton bag I really want!