Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Put me in, Coach

I think I'm kind of ready... I'm getting there.  After today's coaching, I am exhausted and brain dead, which means I got a lot done, but does not bode well for me in the upcoming fortnight of four coachings/lessons a day.

Nonetheless, it's going to be soooo good for me.  I bought a fancy recording device to take along, especially for when I sing with the orchestra.

I did my binders-- one for pianist, one for masterclass teacher, and score for me.  All my tabs are in there and organized, and I am happy to have that done.

Now to find an effective way to pack one hundred seventeen dresses and endless pairs of shoes.

But somehow all I can bring myself to do is Pinterest.

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Georgeanne @ The Arkansassy Soprano said...

You are doing what I need to be doing.. I haven't gotten my coach and pianist binders together yet, nor have I even begun to think about how I'm going to pack the umpteen pounds of clothes I want to take with me!