Friday, September 07, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Umm dear readers...forgive me, but if I am not mistaken: WE MADE IT.


And it's the first full day of Fashion Week.  In Baltimore, of course, we're happy if we have clothes without bullet holes in them.  But I have certainly been enjoying the tweets, blogs, instagrams, pins, etc. coming from all these marvelous events in New York City.

Now, if only I were as current on world events.

In other news, wowie did I love my coaching with Ms. Shrut!  What a wealth of knowledge and I very much appreciated her candor couched in kindness, passion for the music and genuine interest in helping me to sound my best.  Most importantly, she helped to confirm for me what I think I may have always suspected about myself:  I was singing the wrong rep.  But now I'm singing the right rep.

What a wonder it is to sing things that are right for me!  I never thought I could feel this good about what I have to offer.  And certainly I should trust my own instincts more, but sometimes you need to have things confirmed by respected professionals just to feel absolutely confident.   I have this horrible phobia of having one of those major disasters in self-awareness and judgement like the girl who was barely a lyric sang Du bist die lenz at in the Met competition in Charlotte in which I participated two years ago.  You know how it is-- you see Du bist die lenz on the program and you're definitely not going to be taking your potty break when you know that one's coming up.  I think we all live in hope that we will be there when the next great Leonora or Brunnhilde, or you name the huge voiced character, is discovered.  And then the person sings and you realize it was kind of just a crisis of no one telling her that she'd be more right for, perhaps, say Quando m'en vo...

None of us want to be that person.

Did I mention that I don't think I'm that person any more?

Let the partying ensue.  Poor the champagne.  Let's dance on the frickin' tables.

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