Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tomorrow always comes

Tomorrow I'm going to work for three hours, then leaving the office to hop aboard a bus, travel to Manhattan (maybe you've heard of it), warm up at a weird time because all the studios are booked, and then have an audition in the evening.  I will be taking my new bag and a positive attitude.

This, in case you were wondering, is only stressful for the following reason:

I have a choral rehearsal tonight. 

Oh my.  I need to get over this, because choral gigs have to be part of the life of anyone who hopes to make money at singing (okay, maybe just me...not Renee Fleming though...lucky).  Also, they can be very fun.  However, the screamy tessitura is uber tiring, so I will have to get a very good night's rest tomorrow night and then tape my mouth shut until about 6 PM tomorrow night. 

Which will be just hilarious for all my fellow bus passengers.  

On a very positive note, my concert this weekend went swimmingly, so I am feeling vocally more confident.  However, an odd thing happened at the rehearsal-- I must have been singing rather wildly because I wrenched my neck something terrible and left in a considerable amount of pain.  I probably should have gotten one of those horrifying collar things. 

Wish me luck.  Hopefully I will not have anyone next to me on the bus listening to very loud music in their earphones. 

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