Friday, April 10, 2009

GOOD friday

And I'll tell you why: I don't have to sing today. I can rest up for the audition tomorrow. Also, we rocked it out at church last night, despite the added pressure of not having ever seen most of the music before, and the bishop being there. The other thing is that usually it's 8 am when I'm at church, so OBVI things are going to go better at six or seven o'clock at night.

Afterward, M. and I did what all normal people do after Maundy Thursday services: have several drinks. It was fun, and the day definitely ended better than it started.

I need a new spring bag (must build my collection of heirloom leather goods), and the Easter checks are just in time. Nordstrom, anyone? I will be stimulating somebody's economy real soon. Should I get white? OR the gorgeous tealy color? The last thing I bought for myself was from Target, so I think I'm overdue for a little treat...hell-- I've earned it!

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Anonymous said...

Can you, like, do some more posting please. I miss you.