Friday, February 25, 2011


Okay, well, its Friday and I am officially a memorizing fiend. I am the person you see walking down the street that you may have mistaken for a crazy person because she was singing to herself and crazily walking in rhythm with the song. But it works, so who cares.

In other riveting news, I have a legging shortage. When I realized that two pair had holes the other day, it was pretty good timing, really. The only place I buy leggings, you see, is this very specific Fashion Bug (some of you are cringing, and I don't blame you, really)in Lancaster, PA. They have the best leggings in the world. I don't really know why. But they are just really comfortable and great. Since my teacher's studio is near there and I was on my way to my voice lesson that evening, it seemed like I'd be able to stock up. Well, when I got there, parked my car next to a horse and buggy, and got up to the door, the golden Fashion Bug of Lancaster was closed.

Which means that now, I am going to need to spend the weekend doing a tour of Maryland Fashion bugs til I can find a place that has them, and then buy all of them. Because they are even out of stock online!

Let this be a lesson to you. Buy all the leggings you can get your hands on. You'll be glad you did.

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