Monday, February 21, 2011


Well, I am in utter disbelief that according to most, we are getting snow again. I am also in utter disbelief that I have to be at work when the rest of the world has today off.

I am happy to report that the first rehearsals of the contemporary piece I am toiling over went well. What a relief to have those first rehearsals behind me, the most nerve-wracking week ever! This week, I will have to really focus on Carmen. I tried to protect my schedule this week to be sure there was plenty of time for solidifying things. Practicing on lunch breaks is not as productive as I would like it to be. I feel like I've barely warmed up before I have to be back at work. Even those days when I put in what feels like hours of work on a piece, and leave it feeling like I've accomplished nothing with a capital N, I am happy to discover that hard work never goes unrewarded. Sometimes, I've found, you walk away feeling like a loser, and open the score up the next day and realize you actually HAVE learned the part you thought you couldn't get.

We are getting to that part of the year when I start to covet new clothes. New bags, new flats. And god knows my leggings are all running ragged. I'll be needing a couple new pairs of those too. Also, I am discontented with my hair. Isn't it too long? The color is boring. All I really want is to look like Kim Kardashian. Is that too much to ask, people?

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