Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Tuesday is always better than Monday, even if you have a full day of work and hours of rehearsal. But it is REALLY good if you get to look at pictures of Olivia Palermo and be inspired by her flawless style.

ZOE-my-god, mark my words, if and when I am stick thin (hahaha), and, well, rich (hahaha), I will be wearing my clothes EXACTLY like this young lady. It's this fabulous femininity without a hint of hollywood trashiness. Praise the lord. If I never see a cleavage-ridden, blonder than god OC Housewife again it will be too soon.

Based on her short-lived turn on that paragon of intellectual viewing: MTV's The City, I'm pretty sure Olivia and I would never be friends. She would disdain me because I am poor, and not thin. But I waited by the television anxiously each week, just to see what she would wear. And I was never disappointed.

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