Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I can say with a grateful spirit, and just the slightest bit of disappointment, that the big hurricane didn't turn out to be really very big for us. It was for others, though, and I hope everyone weathered the storm okay.

The only thing that was canceled was the one thing that I didn't want to be canceled-- the recital! Now I know it was best-- I never would have been well enough to sing high cs without my head popping off from the sinus pressure. But, sighh.

Tonight, I've got another rehearsal, and I worry slightly about singing even now.

Oh well, that's why god made sinus medicine and neti pots.

Another thing god made, indirectly, of course, via, well...Amazon, is the Kindle for Android app on my phone. It is allowing me to be the voracious reader I always wanted to be but never seemed to have time. People-- you always have your phone, and can pick up that book at all the little moments in life when you are just standing there with nothing to do! I just downloaded my second book since this weekend, and it is making me feel smart and spectacular that I am on my second book in three days.

During the hurricane weekend, I watched the first half of Gone with the Wind, and tried to get Joe on board. He holds that he really does want to watch the rest, but I am not sure I believe him. After all, I suppose I am one of those strange people who kind of grew up watching old movies, so for me it is a great pleasure. Sigh, Gone with the Wind. I love it too much. And it took me way too long, sadly, to realize the irony of watching a movie of that title during a hurricane!


Mendel Markel, www.classicalvocals.com said...

Yup, good 'ol Neti Pots - saved me on many occasions. I like the new ones from water pick. Not the pot itself, but the packets. Besides for the regular salt, they also have eucalyptus and aloe which seriously sooth the sinuses and seriously calm the inflammation.

btw, where's the high C for Sopranos? Would that be 2 above the middle C?

Jessica said...

You got it, Mendel. C6 as we like to call it!

Mendel Markel, www.classicalvocals.com said...

Makes sense. High C to me is C5, I figures for you it must be the next one up.