Monday, April 09, 2012

Alive. But barely.

So comparatively, this year, I was not as busy for Easter as last, but somehow, I am just as tired.  Yipes.  Perhaps I really am getting old.

This week, in betwixt the rehearsals, I am bussing it up to NYC for an audition, and I think that is making me more tired.  The thought has entered my mind that perhaps instead of going to yoga tonight to detox my spirit I should be practicing and brushing up those arias.  But, intuitively, I know I am wrong.  You have to take care of your whole self sometimes, and based on the current hamburger-like texture of my vocal cords, I am quite certain that practicing would be rather counter-productive. 

Joe has the day off, and is making me a delicious dinner and homemade raspberry sorbet!  Until the audition was confirmed today, I was silly with bleary-eyed excitement at the thought of an evening filled with yoga and wine and a dinner I didn’t have to cook myself!  And now here I am worrying about singing again. 

But that is our life.  And singing really is fun. 

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