Friday, April 20, 2012

Cab Karma and other New York Concerns

Well, opera rangers, I'm on the bus again. I've already texted most of the people I know and listened to Don Giovanni about six times, and gone over my lines. I tried to read, but I can't because we are at one of the very rare boring parts of the book I'm reading: Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections. I've also gone over my arias in my head, and had to make a realy concerted effort not to burst out in lip trills. God, it's tough to be a singer. :) Everyone thinks you're batshit crazy. So now I'm writing because I need to vent. La Voce is not as divina as I would like this week. You put the worst allergies in recent memory in the same week with PMS and you've got a soprano with some interesting problems. My range is all there, it's just not flowing very mellifluously and my cords are slightly swollen. All you girls can relate, I'm sure. My teacher once told me that it's like trying to sing with a completely different voice than the one you're used to for a few days a month. All I can say is that I've got a pretty tight schedule today. My second audition is about a half an hour after the first and 20 blocks up town. I'm hoping my cab karma is good today. I've never had any trouble getting cabs, except this one night a few years ago, when Joe and I were first dating. We had a big weekend planned-- fun hotel, dinner at Jean-Georges, and Traviata at the Met. It was March, and the last thing anybody was expecting was snow. But while we were eating dinner in that gorgeous restaurant, we watched it begin to snow out of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. It was way too romantic. Talk about the evening of my dreams. If I hadn't tried to eat the spoon rest by accident (that's a whole other story), it would have been the most perfectly elegant experience of my life. The snow was so beautiful, that is, until we had to get out and walk in it. All the way to the Metropolitan Opera, in our finery. There was not a cab to be had. ANYWHERE. We barely made it before curtain. That being said, we're almost there, thank god. Thanks for keeping me company.

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