Monday, August 13, 2012

Are you coming over for dinner?

Zoe my god, so this past seven days has been amazing.  I got to spend time with no less than three of my favorite families!  Sometimes when life is being a little weird, I have a hard time not letting the situation make me feel like I’m a terrible person.  I guess I automatically go to that place where I feel like things went wrong because of me.  And you know what that means of course!  It means that somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I must think I am really that important that the success or failure of any given scenario rests on me… a truly ridiculous notion and one that just isn’t logical.  Spending time with friends is so great because you get to tell your story, get good feedback, and then move on to their stories!  Because, oh wow!  Big surprise: other people have wild things going on in their lives too!  Oh, and then there is the laughing!  It is so healing.  I wish I could live my life on the set of a Will Farrell movie and just laugh nonstop.  It would be super fun.  But going to a house with a kid helps with the laughing part!  My little friend Mr. Jack always makes my heart feel lighter whenever I get to see him!

I am always so honored when someone invites me to dinner at their house and makes a meal for me.  It’s literally the nicest thing anyone could do for another person.  It’s just so personal and takes real effort on their behalf.  And I love having the opportunity to just sit and talk with no other distractions.  It’s really unlike going out to dinner, although that is always great too, but in the summer, we musicians are a little tight on dough, so it makes more sense to eat at home.  It also gives me the chance to practice my nice manners, like waiting for the hostess to start eating, grabbing my napkin from the correct corner, using the right forks, you know.  Even though no one cares if I do it properly, it’s nice to try anyway. 

Since most of our friends are musicians there is never any end of things to talk about—we know all the same people and have had a lot of the same gigs.  But I especially love when there happen to be dinner guests who are accomplished at other things too—there is so much to learn just from talking to people.  I always have to be careful not to drink too much wine so that I can actually remember everything! 

Having people over for dinner is becoming a little bit of a lost art, but I am determined not to let it be one around here.  It is so civilized and so special to create a special evening for people you love, and fun to introduce friends from one circle to friends from another, creating an ever-widening circle of good will.  

There are so many things to celebrate and no end of excuses to have friends over, but I think that especially during the year it can just get so completely insane, and we are all too tired.  But I always feel so good if I plan ahead and just do it anyway!  I think this will be one of my goals for the coming year—to try to make time to do that even though it’s not summer any more.  When I feel happy and connected to people in my life, I have more energy and drive, and somehow, I'm way more productive!  

So, this begs the question: can we start writing dinner parties off on our taxes?  :)

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Anonymous said...

See here in Malta going to friends houses for dinner and inviting people over for dinner is done all the time. In a week i sometimes have 3 dinner invitations.
The time i spent in the US i noticed that many Americans like to go out to eat perhaps more than cooking at home. Going out to eat here is something we do for occasion and not everyday. Perhaps that is why dinner invitations are not that common.