Monday, August 27, 2012


So wow.  I am officially back! It was so great being away from real life that  I now know what my fantasy world would look like:  a beach.  With my family.   What a great time it was.

Then the rude, but still great awakening that oh yeah, I have to sing Handel in church Sunday morning.  It was not as horrifying as it could have been, as I went a week without practicing.  There was honestly only one ten minute interval during which I could warm-up in the house at the beach when I was alone!   Tomorrow night the rehearsing starts in earnest for the high holidays, and vacation is definitely over.  Here we go!

But we need breaks.  They are so good.

Now I am back at work, and facing numerous challenges in a somewhat different role.  But I know that it will be for the best, as I can feel myself stretching. 

I miss my family, but they are only a phone call away.  I think fall is coming, guys!  And you know what that means!  Singing!!

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