Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last night.

I barely slept.  It was bad.  And his morning I am in the green room at my church job typing away because if I don't I will explode.

Somehow all of you out there are just anonymous enough that I feel semi sort of okay telling you how disappointed in myself I was yesterday.  There is something going on with my body, I think, my vocal cords are swollen and I feel like I sang terribly last night.  Or maybe I can't blame it on that.  Maybe there is just a lot more work I need to do.  Usually I am a bit better at forgiving myself and letting it go, but this morning I am a mess.  And I have to sing a Handel aria in about 15 minutes.

I just keep telling myself what Joyce DiDonato said in the Juilliard master class.  "I'm not a machine, I'm not a computer, I'm a singer and I'm human."

Oh and by the way, isn't she just wonderful?

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BellaDiva said...

We're so hard on ourselves aren't we? I'm willing to bet that what you heard, was not what the audience heard and that if I were to ask one of them what they thought of your singing last night, they would in all likelihood say it was fine. It's good to be self-aware, but not so good to be hyper-critical.

Wishing a brighter tomorrow :)