Monday, October 06, 2008

Could you just let me sing, please?

Friday night: Was I out drinking like the rest of America, and like any girl in her twenties whose wedding is in two weeks should be? No. Joe was kind enough to chauffeur AG and I to opera rehearsal, so it was really fun, and we had a great time on the drives there and back. Everything in between, however, like the actual rehearsal, for instance, was a little stressful. It was our first time doing the blocking and singing off book. And all of us Musettas were there watching each other.

I am doing my very best to not compare myself to them, or succumb to the usual competition that's kind of built in to the double cast relationship. And it's easier this time than most, because I really like AG and respect her as a musician. We're different singers, of course, but at a similar place in our vocal development.

Saturday, no rest for the weary. I dragged myself out of bed and curled my hair and got the make-up bag together (I'm pretty sure I also took a shower at some point that morning, but I have no recollection of it), and took off with Joe for Philly for the next audition on my list. The drive was insane. There was a huge accident, involving a tractor trailer with a chemical spill, of all things, and a ten mile back up on 95. It was quite a scene, and everyone was driving in reverse back up an on-ramp to the highway to avoid the traffic. And I felt like I was in a movie, or the twilight zone or something. Joe is brave and followed suit, so that we could find an alternate route and not miss my audition...

It was the most unbelievably gorgeous day in Rittenhouse Square, and everyone was eating brunch outside at the restaurants, and old ladies were at tables registering people to vote, and it was just a totally uplifting place to be. Of course, we had the usual park-the-car-rush-to-get-jessica-to-a-bathroom drama that happens every SINGLE time we go on an audition trip, but I made it in time.

After all that time in the car, I got to the venue, and low and behold, big surprise: no place to warm up. EXCEPT for a very scary, probably haunted, musty basement with lots of old furniture scattered around. But I did it, I kind of actually nailed it, and sang three full arias, including my new Countess action. Afterward, it was interesting, because the conductor took a little time to talk to me, and I told him about my recent changes to the rep list. When I talked about Susanna, he said "Actually, I could still see you doing that." Yes, so I could I. But I like this other aria so much better, people. So, I'll keep both of my Figaro girls, and sing whichever I feel like???? AHHHH!!!

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