Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

I think I am still recovering from the weekend. Two run-throughs later, and a coaching and a lesson later I am so ready to have a Fat Tuesday blow-out. Oh lent, I am not really ready for you. Maybe I can have a cocktail after practicing while watching American Idol. That would be superb.

It's been a rough day at work, as I work on trying to accept dramatic situations that arise instead of doing the whole resistance/labeling of everything as "bad" or "good" thing. It's harder, of course, because I have PMS too, which is a double-whammy, because on top of being weirdly hormonal, my voice gets all wonky, and that puts me in an even worse mood. TMI? probably. Nonetheless, I live in utter awe of the crazy attitudes and strange things that go down at this school. It's as if drama is in the water, in the foundation, in the walls? And then I think it may just be a musician thing.

Back on the subject of my current neurotic obsession: Don Giovanni. I love my colleagues for this production a LOT. They are making my life so much more fun-- keeping me laughing CONSTANTLY. Those of you who read this blog know that it's very easy for me to go into freaked-out crisis mode about a big role like this, and my coping tactic has been (and it's working) to try to have fun singing. Which is a whole lot easier when you can be inspired by your cast-mates' singing and acting, and really admire them for what they're doing. When I was done singing Sunday night, after our run-through, I actually felt exhilarated instead of tired. Although the true test will be the performances, of course, I am starting to think that I can sing this role rather well after all-- a true accomplishment and a testament to hard work.

And after this, it will be onto Micaela!

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Jayme said...

But what about Fat Tuesday?? We pigged out on pizza and Coldstone icecream and watched Legends of the Fall! I guess something like that could mess up your role...