Monday, February 02, 2009

liver recovery and other stories

Friday night, I had the best run-through yet of my arias. Things are coming along nicely and I am no longer not sleeping because of any Mozart runs.

Saturday, I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was beyond exhausted, and had the feeling that somewhere in there my body was trying to fight something off. Not surprising, as I am routinely surrounded by sick, coughing students. Oh wow was I in a bad mood. So, rather than force my suffering on others (well, except Joe of course, poor man), I laid on the couch wrapped in blankets and watched DVDs. That is until I got sick of it, went into the kitchen to get something to eat and realized we were painfully low on supplies. And the fact that there were no tie-backs for my new kitchen curtains was really really bugging me. So I complained about it for awhile and then just went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought curtain tie-backs for god's sake.

Then I went over my Mozart stuff again and it was SO much better. After that-- my whole day changed direction. I went off to work, and then to a cocktail party and it was just the best. Oh and grape vodka is too delicious. I had about three glasses-- just enough to make waking up for church job a little gross.

As you know, the Superbowl was yesterday. If you don't you are deaf and blind. Although there are a couple of people I have talked to today who are perfectly intact and never knew it was happening. So last night we had a few people over and accidentally made a pitcher of margaritas and they were so good. SOOOO good. And the beer was too.

And I am starting to sound like an alcoholic. But I'm not. I just REALLY needed a drink.

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