Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Because this is a blog about my life, I am happy to report that there's a good deal more going on in it than just singing (although the more the better...hint, hint). However, finding ways to talk about it in a very public format without feeling that I am compromising my own privacy (privacy! what a novel notion!) and that of the other people in my life is a bit more challenging. Which is why I usually just stick to singing and the many layers of drama surrounding it. But, besides my ever-growing preoccupation with Czech, and the fact that I NEED need need to get a recording made stat, there's really not a lot to report on that front.

This weekend, though, Joe and I drove to the Midwest to help celebrate the wedding of one of our very best friends. It was such a fun trip, and so great to spend time with friends who came from Baltimore to help with all the details. I have often said that weddings bring out the very best and worst in people, and when you are the person getting married, you really discover in the truest of lights, who your friends are and what they are made of. The whole weekend had such a feeling of working together, and I felt like everyone who was there really wanted to make it a wonderful wedding for this special couple. The process was nostalgic for me, since it reminded me of ours, and the emotions are so intense during those few days of a wedding weekend. I am sooo lucky to have even a few people in my life that I know I can count on, and I wanted to be that kind of friend to my friend. Now that the wedding part is over, I can rest assured, too, that the marriage is going to be great, and that she is well taken care of.

Coming home Sunday night, it was funny to observe in myself how completely excited I was at the thought of cooking again! This from a girl who used to frequently exclaim "I just DON'T cook. Sorry." So last night, we had farm stand corn and green beans cooked with bacon the way my grandmother does it. I was a little nervous about those bean, I have to say, since I have spent pretty much my whole life eating them the way she makes them, and have always felt that even my mother, who is a fab cook, couldn't quite get them right. Well, I did it. And it was transcendent to say the least. :) Along with the vegetables, I decided I would go with my tried and true chicken crusted with panko and asiago, and went totally bonkers and made mashed potatoes too! The real kind, because I would never, ever feed myself the kind in a box. It's the closest thing to sin I can think of, and I don't even believe in sin.

Tonight, Joe's grilling some pork I've been marinading in lime, chilis, garlic and soy for about 24 hours, and I think there is no possible way I'll be able to wait til dinner.

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