Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I think it is time that I, shall we say, get my shit together. I've decided that I will do my recording early next week, which means I've got to take it easy on the wine, etc., this weekend. And that can be a real drag, if you know what I mean. But I have to say, I feel better than ever about this year's aria line-up, and for once feel that each one is a real winner for me, and something that shows my voice the way I want it to be shown, not to big, not to small.

IF I get it ready in time, my intention is to a apply for a grant to help pay for all the application fees this year, and some of the travel costs. Which may mean, friends, that I will also be able to pay my rent and buy groceries...

It's going to be a big year for me-- a milestone birthday, particularly lofty goals for my singing, and the return of Jessica to the GYM. I expressed my desire to a fellow gym rat yesterday: "I would like to be a supermodel by Christmas." And he laughed, saying that he thinks that chance may have come and gone...don't you have to be like 14 to be a model these days? About that milestone birthday...

So today, I've decided to make the obligatory yearly checklist for applications: who needs what, when, and where it needs to go. There is always the tiniest bit of fear that all will be in vain, when, as a soprano, I start to realize what the odds really are to even GET an audition. But it's what I have to do, and I will do it. And I will LOOK good doing it, and definitely do everything I can to SOUND good doing it.

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