Monday, May 10, 2010


It's been a whole week since I posted...whirlwind.

This weekend was busy, but somehow satisfying, with an audition, two challenging church services, and, well...mother's day. My father sent me a text yesterday reading "Happy future Mother's Day." Ummm....

On Saturday, it was SUCH a beautiful day, and it was so fun to be auditioning again, I guess I really hadn't been to one in a while-- I had a new dress and pair of shoes--so life was good. I got there and they fit me in early, sang a little Mimi (oh my, someone remind me never to sing Mi chiamano Mimi first. Donde lieta is much more comfortable to start with), it might have been a little insecure to start, but I warmed up soon enough. And learned my lesson with the Mimi arias. I finished strong with my Mozart aria, and my dress looked hot, so here's hoping. :)

The monitor was so sweet-- all audition monitors should be like him. After I had changed back into my civvies and was leaving, he said: "You did a great job. Reward yourself."

Reward myself? For a second, I almost laughed and I don't know why. But I thought about it all the way home. First of all, I think we forget how hard singing can be, emotionally and physically-- at least I do. Then, on Easter Monday, I wake up feeling like I was run over with a Mack truck. I mean, it is just singing, but still-- anyone whose sung a three hour opera knows that it's pretty freaking hard work.

Sunday, there were a couple of weird things that happened. I was feeling freaked out about singing "I know that my Redeemer liveth" at the second service, because it felt like I couldn't get my low voice to phonate with any real resonance. I was wondering why, until I remembered that I'd spent all of Saturday night talking...the in-laws are in town, and then my grandmother called, and well...another lesson learned. But it came off okay and I am still alive.

A reward is in order. I did have something like three chocolate chip cookies yesterday. So maybe that is all the rewarding I need to do.

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