Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday, part the second

Do you ever look down at your hands and think, good God, I haven't had a proper manicure since 1992. I could wrap my cuticles around my wrists. And then I think, what am I coming to? What has the world come to. I used to be so delightfully high-maintenance and "fancy." As the song says. I don't even have fake blonde hair any more, I don't eat lean cuisines at every meal, and I don't burn myself to a crisp on tanning beds or slather in smelly fake tanner! I must be letting myself go.

These are such random thoughts. I often wonder why I am writing them down for all the ether to read. But then I think, why the hell not.

After dealing with major dramas, sometimes you need to focus on insignificant minutia. And go home and make jambalaya and drink shiraz with it.

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