Monday, October 17, 2011


I've been rushing around like a mad woman the past few weeks, and it's left my voice haggard and my skin disastrous. It was a gorgeous day yesterday-- I probably should have been outside doing something, well...outdoorsy, or at least taking a walk or something. But when I got home from my church jobs, all I had the energy to do was heat up some left overs and stuff them in my mouth and then I zonked out, and when I woke up, it was barely daylight outside.

It made me consider that it might be time for me to think about the importance of making space in my life for the things I really want.

Having time to practice is kind of major.

And I haven't had much of that recently. When I'm not singing at a rehearsal, I'm recovering from something, resting for something else. Yes, my time is filled with almost all singing related things, and one could argue that any money made while singing counts toward the goal, but I'm starting to believe that I have taken on too much.

Or maybe its just Monday. Which is also very possible.

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