Friday, January 27, 2012

Home is where a CVS is

When Joe and I took our trip to Italy and Spain a few years ago, we were in food heaven. Culture heaven, scenery heaven, history heaven. We were not in toiletries heaven. You'd be surprised what you didn't realize you might need during three weeks in Europe in the middle of the summer. That is when we developed our profound and enduring appreciation for a good old fashioned CVS. King of drug stores.

I made it to Beantown, drove myself from the airport to the hotel without incident, except when I realized I had no idea how to get the trunk of my rental car open. After a few minutes in the rain of looking inside and out, I found the miniscule button that apparently relased the hatch, a relief since I need my luggage INSIDE the hotel.

Being away for a singing thing can involve a hell of a lot of sitting around. Which is why I was thrilled beyond compare upon discovering that I was located directly next door to a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, TJ Maxx, and, thanks be to God, a CVS. So I will have snacks and nailpolish to keep me company, and maybe some discount shopping!! Not that I really have any room in my bag to bring stuff back, but as with my last singing trip to Detroit, I get some of my best shopping done on these weekends away. Lots of time, depending on how I sing, lots of reasons to console myself with inappropriate purchases, no very bored husband to cater to.

So, I've taken a nap, read, typed to you, and hydrated. I have rehearsal in about two I'll check out the japanese place across the street.

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