Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rehabilitation Station

You never know how much NFCS means to you until you have a question about vocal cord damage due to coughing. You do a search, and it brings up literally zillions of entries about coughing. After reading a few hundred, you feel like you have the singer consensus about the situation. And now, well, you're even more confused than before.

Yesterday I started freaking out because I realized, "Oh my word, I feel just as horrible as I did five days ago!" And then I started to really worry that by now I had already coughed myself into a vocal injury, which is when, of course, the NFCS search debacle began. So I started calling doctors.

Finally, I got a hold of some antibiotics and today I'm feeling better, my voice is slowly coming back, but I'm still worried that I won't have my chops back for next week when I have to fly to the semi-finals of a competition.

Singers, what are your suggestions for me to get back up to snuff quickly without hurting myself? How do you recover muscle memory quickly after a long illness?

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