Thursday, January 12, 2012


Well, I got the cough. Good god, how long have I been sick again? I think it's been 13 days. The illness kind of changes everyday and it keeps tricking me into thinking I'm getting better. So today I wento the doctor, who promptly handed me some heavy duty cough syrup and said: "You have a cold-- there's one going around that lasts two weeks. I promise it will go away soon."

No antibiotics for me. No quick fix.

Right now, the cough has taken away my voice, and everytime that happens I wonder if it will ever come back. I think most singers worry about these things.

I am practicing acceptance of what is. And praying that I'm well for my gig tomorrow night.

I'd really like to be done now.

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Zoe said...

Oh no!!! have you tried sudafed? My doctor friend says that is the only real thing that works. I hope you feel better soon!