Thursday, October 11, 2012

New York Trip

Hey gang-- I'm off to New York again Saturday.  It has become my weekend destination of choice as I work hard to prepare for this season's auditions and opportunities.  As stressful as I have found my day job to be of late, getting away to the City is refreshing and restores my focus, even though it does involve traveling on a bus :)

I have to tell you about something I bought the other day that is really awesome for this sort of thing--
This blazer from H&M!!! I bought a black one on my last trip because I was freezing, but it is so classic looking and comfortable that I think for $39.99 I'm going to have to break down and get the one in tan. It looks adorable with a fun scarf and dresses up jeans and t-shirt for rehearsals or work.  I'm wearing mine again saturday with skinny jeans (with stretch, mind you, nothing binding around the stomach area) and a grey turtleneck and flats, of course.  I never thought I liked Old Navy's jeans, but I have found an inexpensive pair that is great to fill in the gaps while I am waiting til I am at my goal weight to  buy my new wardrobe!  This pair is fab, and the black looks a bit more polished!  It also has extra stretch, more than the other colors, which is why they are so comfortable.

I have finally decided to break down and have a two hour lesson since I do come from so far...and I took a risk and scheduled a coaching too.  I'll be getting a lot in in one day, and hopefully will get enough done to really make up for how broke I'll be!  In a couple weeks, I'll be doing two recitals of arias with a couple friends to force myself to polish my audition arias and get the pieces up on their feet. I never feel guilty about investing time and money in my voice.  For me it is and has always been worth every penny.

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