about me

I'm Jessica.  I'm also a soprano, a wife, a cat mother, a teacher, a writer, and a bit of a crazy person.  I love literature to pieces, especially poetry; I adore nail polish, eating, cooking, people with style, history, and I am admittedly a little addicted to Pinterest.

I live for the Italian rep and my dream roles include Violetta, la Contessa, Manon, and of course, maybe some day, and honestly who doesn't want to be: Lucia!  It's all the blood, I think.  It's just so fabulous.  I've already been lucky enough to do some of my other dream roles like Lauretta, Donna Elvira, Mimi and Musetta.  My list of oratorio dreams includes Brahms' requiem, Mozart's requiem, Elijah, and ALL of the Bach!

Cooking and entertaining are great pleasures, because it satisfies that maternal side of me.  Cooking for people is such a gift to give them because of the time and care it requires.  I am the girl who shows up with cookies or bread or something.  I love doing that.  I love crafts and sewing and needlework (thanks to my days as a 4-H country girl), but rarely have time to begin projects any more!

I live for the high of attending a great, emotional, larger than life live performance.  Youtube is a great tool, but not enough for me.  BEING there is amazing.  Loving and rooting for the singers and players hearing them in their glorious and their not-so-glorious moments, participating in the gift they give us by being vulnerable is a profound delight.  I am also a closet organ nerd, and adore the repertoire for organ, especially French like Franck and Durufle.  I love big concerts with huge forces, but love love love the opportunity to hear art song sung intimately and expressively, because it gives me the opportunity for such catharsis.

I'm sure I will eventually figure out some more things to tell you about myself here, but until then, this will have to be enough.  If you read you will seem me at my best and my worst, I am not in the business of sugar-coating or making myself look good.  I just write what I feel.  I am always glad to hear from you, so if you like, comment or email me.  In the crazy world of opera singing, I'm afraid we're all in this together. 

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope that you'll stop by often.