Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the great white midwest

Tomorrow, we're heading to the in-laws for Thanksgiving, and by all accounts, it's a winter wonderland out there. I'm excited about snow.

But for today, I need to get the German aria back in commission for auditions right after T-day! I'm nervous about sparing the practice time while visiting this week, but oh well. As my coach says, don't think of it as time taken away from your pursuit of singing-- living your life is part of the art.

I bought a bag and pair of shoes last night (oh the guilt over buying things for oneself at this season of the year), justified in my own mind, at least, by their very deep clearance mark downs!!! I have to say-- just carrying the new bag to work today lifted my spirits immeasurably. At some point I should probably address my self-medication with shopping problem, but right now, it's working for me.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Friday, November 21, 2008


I got my wish and it snowed big beautiful flakes for about a half an hour this morning. Yay!

I'm feeling a little relief as I look at the line-up of auditions I have been lucky enough to get...not as many as I had hoped, but hey. Everything happens for a reason, and I'll just have to sing extra well at the ones I do have! Going to New York at Christmas is a pain, but it's also just down right warm and fuzzy and gorgeous. I try not to get too lustful about the fabulous things in the windows, and always try to eat somewhere fun to make the trip seem worthwhile.

In the meantime, I have to really work on my package of arias, constantly in flux, as always, since I think voicey is growing up a bit. Michaela? Anyone?

Tonight, out for drinks after the opera, because I realllllly need one. I came home in between work and the show to make chicken and rice soup last night (my specialty) and was really looking forward to drinking leftover red wine while cooking, and when I took a sip, realized it was a bit past it's prime. Disappointing! So tonight, I'll have a fruity cocktail to make up for it.

In other news, I am addicted to microwave lite butter popcorn and don't know what to do with myself exactly.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's opera weekend here at concert central, and as I may have mentioned in semesters past, everyone turns just totally crazy. People start smoking and drinking that normally don't smoke and drink, and everyone is a lot meaner than usual. Tonight the show opens, and I've heard that it's quite good. I work tonight, so I'll be able to hear it for myself!

I'm listening to Carmen at work today, of all things. I crack myself up sometimes. And I will have the card trio stuck in my head all day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wishing for snow

I really would like some snow, please. Because it would be so great.

Tonight, we are going out to dinner for the first time since, well, forever! I feel like I have lost my fabulosity...has it come off and fallen in an opera-shaped hole? Or is it all because I haven't got any money? Probably both. I remember when I used to get a manicure every week and a pedicure every two, and go dancing, and out for drinks non-stop. Oh the fun and drama! But it wasn't doing much for my goals...and I certainly didn't have the love and gorgeous apartment in my life that I do now. Things are good!

This weekend, I have an audition for a part I may or may not be really right for...but I think I should try! It would be fabulous on my resume, and make sense with all the other new additions from this year. The problem is always that singing a piece from the show seems to be what everyone wants you to do these days, but I am reluctant to sing something with which I am less than perfectly prepared and at which I am absolutely fabulous. So, the old stand-bys will have to do, and we'll see what happens. I do have a piece from the opera, in the dug out just in case. But I wouldn't dare start with it. It is painfully touchy at times, and at least until I settle in with it. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone hates it. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008


I did not start out the day in the best of moods...I think it was an accumulation of tiredness from the weekend...

Friday's performance went so well. I was so happy and relieved, really, because earlier in the evening, my throat was feeling odd. And it wasn't just me-- Ms. T was feeling weird too. The weather, maybe?? Scratchy throat, thick feeling cords, and I really wondered just how much those crazy B-naturals were going to just come sailing out like they are supposed to. So I put on extra make-up so I would look really pretty in any case. Somehow, in one of those odd freaks of nature, the minute I got on the stage, it all went away, and all of it went better than ever before. Quando felt really good, and even thought I was late with "Che ci avete in casa," I didn't beat myself up about it. Being Musetta is so fun that you can't stop to worry about these things. I broke plates and glasses and had the most wonderful time. It really is one of those parts I hope I get to do again hundreds of times. YAY!

Today I got my Giovanni score out and started marking. She's kind of a screamer, that Donna Elvira. I'm only slightly freaking out. What I am freaking out about, however, is the Adina I have to have ready for an audition Saturday...but yay for that too.

In the meantime, I seem to have accidentally bought a hideous loveseat and chair that I hate for my new place. Am on the lookout for pillows and throws to make it seem less barfy. Will welcome any website advice for pretty things.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's a tea day

It's so cozy here with it raining outside, and I've got the water on for tea. I like these kinds of days, oddly enough, even though everyone else is complaining about them.

The dentist wasn't painless, but it was bearable and they were gentle with me. The hygenist who was helping rubbed my arm while I was getting the four shots of novocaine required, and was so sweet and kind. I kept thinking how dumb these two must think I am-- both the dentist (she's a girl) and the hygenist, having had several kids between them. Well I haven't had a kid, people. And I don't do well with pain.

Tomorrow night's the opening, and I guess I'm kind of weirded out by how NOT freaked out I am at this point. I feel good, excited, and generally happy. Tonight, I plan to sit and pound the liquids (never minding the strange feeling in my throat at the minute), go over the score, and eat. And search for furniture on line to put in my empty apartment!

There's been a lot of talk lately in singer-dom about the lack of opportunities, shortage of money, and general all around unrest because of the scary state of our economy. In truth, I've certainly done my share of complaining and worrying about auditions. And all of us have felt as though we were being taken advantage of by opera administrations from time to time. But there are nice people out there, who DO care about us, and I found another one yesterday. It was so great to be treated with kindness and respect instead of like just another annoying person clogging up their inbox with a request to sing for them. Yay for nice people.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I hate the dentist

I have to go today and have a tooth bonded and a filling. Is there any chance they could put me under for that? It would be too lovely to just go to sleep and then wake up to find it's all over. Yes, that is my special dread for today. The needle.

It will, however, make tomorrow's flu shot seem like a piece of cake.

I got two auditions yesterday, one for a local opera company, and one for a bigger summer festival-- it was good. I was relieved. Waiting to hear back from these applications is a little like going to the dentist, actually. Dreadful.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

baaaaaadddd blogger!

Last night was our dress, and I was a bit concerned, since I'd never gotten to sing through the fourth act with the orchestra, and have NEVER had a rehearsal with the Alcindoro. Any variables in the second act freak me out, because I have to concentrate so much just to come in right and sing in tempo! So I have to admit I was in a rather horrible mood all day, waiting for the impending doom of the evening rehearsal. And then, while I was driving up there, I just realized how completely stupid and counterproductive I was being, and made up my mind to sing and have fun, concentrating only marginally (as opposed to neurotically and obsessively) on counting and getting everything perfect. As if perfection is even possible.

Oh it was so fun. The last act just tears my heart out, because T is such a fantastic Mimi and sings everything so purely and with true emotion. The second act didn't suck either. I threw my shoe and I tried to break plates, but unfortunately they just bounced. It was hilarious! In fact, I was feeling so totally in character that I took the other shoe off and threw it at Alcindoro too. Everyone was quite shocked and pleased to see me throwing caution to the wind. :)

When I got back last night, I was beyond exhausted. It was all I could do to NOT call in sick and then stay home watching Sex and the City all day long eating bon-bons on the couch in my comfortable new apartment. But I bucked up, and here I am, groggy at my desk, listening to the Westminster Abbey Psalter on I-Tunes because I find it comforting, and because I'm kind of a dork, actually.

It's good to be back.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Well, dear readers, I come to you on the most important Tuesday in years, with nothing terribly important to say.

Sunday, we had our first orchestra rehearsal for Boheme, and I was SO nervous!! Both casts were there, and it was another one of those things where you just sit and listen to each other, and know that evaluations are being made. But wow. The Mimis are FABULOUS. I get so excited when I hear such beautiful, slender, controlled singing that also has some heft. Cuz folks-- I've had my fill of the over-darkening and the wobbles. The Musettas aren't too bad either, if I do say so myself! I got the news last night that we lost a Rodolfo to a much bigger, more prestigious gig. Which was a blow, because I happen to like this gentleman very much (he gave me a couple of lovely compliments at the rehearsal, so he is my new best friend), but never fear-- we've got one left. So we're okay....

I did okay-- except that the Marcello wasn't able to be there, and since I take many of my lines from him, it was a counting extravaganza instead of being able to just sing. I really hate counting. Yes, I just said it. I'm nervous for him, though, when he arrives-- there's so much ensemble coordinating necessary. Also not having him around to play off of is tough.

Tonight, I'm working a concert, and will then rush home to watch the results of this election come in. I have a really good feeling, but as they always say-- it's not over til it's over.