Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's a tea day

It's so cozy here with it raining outside, and I've got the water on for tea. I like these kinds of days, oddly enough, even though everyone else is complaining about them.

The dentist wasn't painless, but it was bearable and they were gentle with me. The hygenist who was helping rubbed my arm while I was getting the four shots of novocaine required, and was so sweet and kind. I kept thinking how dumb these two must think I am-- both the dentist (she's a girl) and the hygenist, having had several kids between them. Well I haven't had a kid, people. And I don't do well with pain.

Tomorrow night's the opening, and I guess I'm kind of weirded out by how NOT freaked out I am at this point. I feel good, excited, and generally happy. Tonight, I plan to sit and pound the liquids (never minding the strange feeling in my throat at the minute), go over the score, and eat. And search for furniture on line to put in my empty apartment!

There's been a lot of talk lately in singer-dom about the lack of opportunities, shortage of money, and general all around unrest because of the scary state of our economy. In truth, I've certainly done my share of complaining and worrying about auditions. And all of us have felt as though we were being taken advantage of by opera administrations from time to time. But there are nice people out there, who DO care about us, and I found another one yesterday. It was so great to be treated with kindness and respect instead of like just another annoying person clogging up their inbox with a request to sing for them. Yay for nice people.

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