Tuesday, November 11, 2008

baaaaaadddd blogger!

Last night was our dress, and I was a bit concerned, since I'd never gotten to sing through the fourth act with the orchestra, and have NEVER had a rehearsal with the Alcindoro. Any variables in the second act freak me out, because I have to concentrate so much just to come in right and sing in tempo! So I have to admit I was in a rather horrible mood all day, waiting for the impending doom of the evening rehearsal. And then, while I was driving up there, I just realized how completely stupid and counterproductive I was being, and made up my mind to sing and have fun, concentrating only marginally (as opposed to neurotically and obsessively) on counting and getting everything perfect. As if perfection is even possible.

Oh it was so fun. The last act just tears my heart out, because T is such a fantastic Mimi and sings everything so purely and with true emotion. The second act didn't suck either. I threw my shoe and I tried to break plates, but unfortunately they just bounced. It was hilarious! In fact, I was feeling so totally in character that I took the other shoe off and threw it at Alcindoro too. Everyone was quite shocked and pleased to see me throwing caution to the wind. :)

When I got back last night, I was beyond exhausted. It was all I could do to NOT call in sick and then stay home watching Sex and the City all day long eating bon-bons on the couch in my comfortable new apartment. But I bucked up, and here I am, groggy at my desk, listening to the Westminster Abbey Psalter on I-Tunes because I find it comforting, and because I'm kind of a dork, actually.

It's good to be back.


John Brough said...

If listening to Westminster abbey sing psalms makes one a dork ... then "Hello, I'm a dork!"

My wife actually came home one day, after I had found out I could get internet radio on my iPod Touch ... and I was listening to the "episcopalian" station. Nothing but psalms, Mag and Nuncs and Organ music.

She still makes fun of me.

Good luck on your production - only 4 more days until opening night of Orfeo for me - any tips on how to memorize Italian? I'm way out of practice.

Jessica said...

Well, then I'm in good company!!

And as for memorizing Italian, well, I don't really have any particular advice...Orfeo is so full of words with similar music, which makes it especially tough... But soooo beautiful! I love that piece. Toi toi!

M. Janney said...

Hey, I know Alison McConekey

Anonymous said...

Go Jessica!

Good luck to both of you in your forthcoming roles.