Monday, November 17, 2008


I did not start out the day in the best of moods...I think it was an accumulation of tiredness from the weekend...

Friday's performance went so well. I was so happy and relieved, really, because earlier in the evening, my throat was feeling odd. And it wasn't just me-- Ms. T was feeling weird too. The weather, maybe?? Scratchy throat, thick feeling cords, and I really wondered just how much those crazy B-naturals were going to just come sailing out like they are supposed to. So I put on extra make-up so I would look really pretty in any case. Somehow, in one of those odd freaks of nature, the minute I got on the stage, it all went away, and all of it went better than ever before. Quando felt really good, and even thought I was late with "Che ci avete in casa," I didn't beat myself up about it. Being Musetta is so fun that you can't stop to worry about these things. I broke plates and glasses and had the most wonderful time. It really is one of those parts I hope I get to do again hundreds of times. YAY!

Today I got my Giovanni score out and started marking. She's kind of a screamer, that Donna Elvira. I'm only slightly freaking out. What I am freaking out about, however, is the Adina I have to have ready for an audition Saturday...but yay for that too.

In the meantime, I seem to have accidentally bought a hideous loveseat and chair that I hate for my new place. Am on the lookout for pillows and throws to make it seem less barfy. Will welcome any website advice for pretty things.

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