Friday, November 21, 2008


I got my wish and it snowed big beautiful flakes for about a half an hour this morning. Yay!

I'm feeling a little relief as I look at the line-up of auditions I have been lucky enough to get...not as many as I had hoped, but hey. Everything happens for a reason, and I'll just have to sing extra well at the ones I do have! Going to New York at Christmas is a pain, but it's also just down right warm and fuzzy and gorgeous. I try not to get too lustful about the fabulous things in the windows, and always try to eat somewhere fun to make the trip seem worthwhile.

In the meantime, I have to really work on my package of arias, constantly in flux, as always, since I think voicey is growing up a bit. Michaela? Anyone?

Tonight, out for drinks after the opera, because I realllllly need one. I came home in between work and the show to make chicken and rice soup last night (my specialty) and was really looking forward to drinking leftover red wine while cooking, and when I took a sip, realized it was a bit past it's prime. Disappointing! So tonight, I'll have a fruity cocktail to make up for it.

In other news, I am addicted to microwave lite butter popcorn and don't know what to do with myself exactly.

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