Tuesday, June 24, 2008


What a whirlwind this weekend has been! And I guess I'm kind of including yesterday too, as it seemed to flow from Sunday right into Monday.

Saturday night's performance was great. The orchestra sounded good, I was so inspired by some of the singing, and the acoustics in the hall are a singer's dream. The other really great thing is that my cast mates are very normal, down-to-earth people-- nary a diva in sight. We had a FUN time together. And I made some friends too. Of course, there were the occaisional dramatic moments backstage, but what's the use of doing this unless you have some stories to tell...

Oh how I wish I could risk my professional reputation to repeat them. You guys would die.

New York was short, and Joe was fabulous. We went off to celebrate afterwards with my aunt and uncle and cousins.

Last night, a long rehearsal, and lots of screaming of high d flats and other notes too. Ow. I am SO sick of driving. After tonight's coaching in Washington it will be over for a few days, and I'll be able to just sit around a bit.

I've noticed, however, that when I sit around I get bored...so I don't know why I'm looking forward to it so much!

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