Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time for an update, beeyotches

I haven't written in forever. And it's really because there's not a lot of drama to talk about...things are rolling along with Trovatore, and rehearsals for Schicchi haven't really begun to gain momentum.

I'm looking forward to having a night off sometime soon...maybe friday? Tomorrow night Joe and I are doing a little practice run of some music for a small audience, and I'm not nervous, which is probably a bad sign.

This time last year, I was gearing up for my hundreds of trans-continental trips, and buying clothes, purses, luggage, drinks, dancing, and being fabulous.

Now, I feel like I've never been so totally focused on singing, learning music, and getting my plan of attack together. I go to rehearsal instead of happy hour. I pay for gas and save for my wedding instead of buying clothes. Having time to go to the grocery store is a real event. But I feel even more "fabulous" than I did last year. By leaps and bounds. Because, however humble the role or the company, I'm singing, and that's what I always wanted to do.

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