Tuesday, June 03, 2008

where do I begin?

I'm back here again, after alllll that has happened. I wish I could say it's hard to return to normal life, but I was glad to come home to my two cat children and my comfortable, familiar bed.

Many of us have a little trouble being around our families for much time at a stretch, and I can understand that...but mine, on the other hand-- we had a fantastic time. Not that everyone's always perfectly wonderful, but when you feel appreciated and supported by a lot of people all in the same place and have had so much fun laughing and drinking with them, it's hard to leave. You don't get that feeling a lot in the real world.

In St. Augustine (the cutest town ever), I sang in a master class for a fantastic opera administrator/acting teacher/yogi who helped me immensely with a couple of my interpretation hang-ups in a particular aria. Often I think of master classes as being a little bit weird because I think, well, of course, she sang it better the second time!! But this DID actually help me, although I was as nervous as ever I had been, putting myself out there in front of all the other singers. At the end of the day, I got the courage to ask him a tough question about levels, ability, and who exactly is really ready to do certain auditions...in other words, your honest opinion please? How do I measure up? **big intake of breath**


I'm ready.

Then I floated on a cloud all the way up to Savannah to spend the next day and night going on tours and eating good food. I loved my vacation.

But now I'm back, and I think I may have a show opening next week...? Yes.

Can't wait.

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