Sunday, January 24, 2010


Today is the first Sunday since before Christmas that I have done a full day of services! Whew! It's over! I am drinking red wine! I am reading a very thick polictical biography! I am mentally preparing myself for the new episode of Big Love tonight!!!! But, oh my, I am so thankful for my church jobs...without them I would really be broke. And that is so not cool.

I had a lot of fun yesterday judging the singing competition. I am really proud of the training that singers get even in highschool these days! Damn, I wish I had had the poise and control and language skills some of those young ladies had when I was their age. I'm pretty sure that I was a wreck in those days, although, who knows. And then, I was more of a pianist than singer...Maybe I just felt like a wreck inside...doesn't everyone when they're in highschool? Little did I know that in just a couple years, I would be in a piano program in college wanting to die and realizing that it was really SINGING I wanted to pursue. Soon I would quit the naughty smoking, start taking diet pills and working out like a fiend, cry nearly daily on my long-suffering voice teacher's shoulder, and opera workshop myself right into a total obsession classical singing...and all while having life-altering crushes on the wrongest of the wrong boys. And we haven't even begun to discuss grad school.

In other non-singing related news, because I lead such a riveting life: I made a new soup tonight from Cooking Light, and it was amazing.

Enjoy the night before Monday!

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