Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The whole thing with me right now is Christmas.

Oh my goodness. I sang my last audition of 2011 on Monday, and did not embarrass myself despite intense exhaustion after the previous evening's emotionally taxing gig. In fact I sang competently in spite of the "interesting" accompanying. Now all I have to worry about are the church job concerts and Christmas Eve services, and since they are not really solo gigs, I find them less stressful. Oh, yes, and I haven't bought any presents for anyone. Nor have I finished trimming my tree. My holiday party is this weekend, and I spent all of last night making meatballs. The house has the distinct fragrance of, as Joe would say: a meatery. Every single fiber of my home is fully infiltrated with the smell of sauteeing pork. But I can check that huge job off the list. All I have to do now is make about twelve batches of pizza dough and buy some more wine, some cheese and some veggies.

Ahhh. I really do love the holidays. As long as there is wine.

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