Friday, March 02, 2012

Frivolous Friday

Stuff I absolutely love, not that you care, but nevertheless:

- The blog “A Girl, A Style.” A singularly positive and wonderfully feminine outlook on life—there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking at the world through rose-colored glasses

- Brianna’s Monday night yoga class, although now it is getting so crowded because everyone figured out how amazing it is

- Finding a fun accessory I’ve been admiring on the blogs for a fraction of its original price on Ebay, then that fabulous moment when you “win” your item!

- Cooking a good dinner, and Joe loving it, which he almost always does, but I have had some disasters…at least enough never to take a dish coming out well for granted

- Eating the leftovers of said dinner for lunch the next day

- Midi skirts, despite the fact that they may or may not be responsible (along with leggings, of course) for my putting on a few pounds and never even realizing it…sigh

- Big necklaces that deflect attention from my hips

- Looking forward to things like happy hour or lunch with a good friend, luckily, I have made these things an important part of my schedule—brilliant, yes I am!

- Bach: need I say more

- Brightly colored ballet flats

- The moment in the third act of La bohème when Marcello sings the piercing “Mimí!” I always sing it to my cat in a dorky fake baritone voice

- Spaghetti Cacio e pepe: the simplest and most delicious thing you could eat at the end of a weird day—my new directive: no matter what, must perpetually keep ingredients for this dish in pantry

- Seltzer water, with lemon, lime, and/or especially a splash of cranberry—it’s the glamorous nearly calorie-free drink—it looks so pretty in the glass

- Whorish nail polish: whatever that means

- Red Zinfandel

- When you buy a bunch of tulips and their stems begin to bend over the edge of the vase into the most gorgeous architectural looking shape

- Working on Mozart: it never gets easy and it never gets old

- Working on Puccini: it always makes you feel like a really sensitive musician

- Baking bread, rather like I imagine giving birth would be, less painful, but takes almost as long, but the little finished loaf makes me feel so proud

- My precious jewels: Cats extraordinaire Pete and Mimi. Just them being there when I get home heals me

- Vanilla pannacotta

- Non vos relinquam orphanos, a motet by William Byrd—listen to it

- Google calendars

- Having a clean house—walking in, seeing everything in its place, and with the pillows especially fluffy looking

- Peonies, daffodils, and big bunches of grape hyacinths

- Having doors opened for me—especially car doors

Happy Weekend, warriors! Oh, and follow me on PINTEREST!!!

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