Thursday, March 22, 2012

Time Off

I've been lucky enough to have a few days off from my day job, and have spent the past couple of days memorizing, practicing, cooking, and getting my taxes done. I am so proud I actually do them myself, Schedule C and all. My heart feels lighter now that it's done!

The weather has been swell too, and it's been hard to stay focused. For the first time in years, Joe and I have spring breaks that overlap. It's been great. We started off the week with a really exciting performance of some Bartok he's been working on for a long time, and in two weeks he has another concert with a violinist he works with, and since I am in staging now for DG, we both have lots to keep us occupied, not to mention the fact that the house hasn't been cleaned in about four months. Tonight, we're taking some time away from practicing and cleaning and going to dinner and the movies. YAY!

I think I am doing sort of okay with my calorie counting-- I lost another pound. It should be more-- but every little bit helps.

I made it through Mi tradi in a run through with the whole cast in attendance, and I didn't walk away ready to hang myself, although I know it will be better as it gets more like second nature. No breaths in the runs! I took them in one breath, and it felt better than trying to take out notes to fit them in. When I did that, it was like I was stressing out suddenly about taking a breath and it sounding funny. So I have decided to simply learn to maximize my breath and phonation efficiency and make it work! I was so nervous. But it was certainly a case of mind over matter with that aria. I said to myself, "Jessica, are you going to let this crash and burn by believing that you can't sing it?" And the answer to that was hell, no.

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