Monday, May 06, 2013

Tired Panda

New York this weekend was wonderful, refreshing and tiring all at the same time.  Even if I don't live there, I am glad I live close enough to go often.  I feel free and happy and surrounded by possibility in New York.

My friend Jared and I had the best time catching up Friday night, then we had breakfast at my favorite diner on 52nd before my lesson at 11 AM.  My teacher really excels at preparing me for auditions.  Whenever I can have a lesson before an audition, I make an effort to schedule one.  During my lesson we began exploring a few arias that had not originally been on my rep list for this audition, and discovered that, wow!  One really worked!  Really really worked!

It was the end of the lesson when dear Max, the pianist said "Do you have a copy of the score for the pianist?"

The answer was of course no, because I hadn't planned to sing it.   But my schedule was very tight-- I was planning to change into my dress at the studio and then take a cab to make it to the audition just in time.  Oh no!  I started to panic...

"Change slowly," Max said. "I'll run down to Office Max on 8th Avenue and make you a copy! We must never forget the pianist!"

Oh my word.  I tell you it takes a village to get this soprano ready for an audition.  It was so sweet of him, and I felt very loved.  I was ready, copies in hand, in plenty of time.  Took a cab, walked in, and sang a really great audition.  Exhilarating.

Then I changed back into jeans and ran down to catch my bus.  I was back just in time for our orchestra run of the show I'm working on now.  Sunday was a marathon of church and rehearsal, but praise be to god, it culminated in a Cinco de Mayo margarita and guacamole.  I haven't had hard liquor in so long that I woke this morning with an upset stomach...but somehow pulled off a great rehearsal of musical theater and opera hits for my concert tomorrow...

Where am I?  What am I doing?  What is my name?

Dress rehearsal tonight.  Ahhhhhhh!

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