Friday, May 31, 2013


I am grateful because my week has included a lot of good things.  My weekend will be awesome too, because I get to sing.

Tomorrow, I'm going to New York (lookout Megabus) for a lesson and coaching, and it is my pianist's birthday, so I will be bringing him some treats, or else getting him a Wendy's gift certificate, either one. It's a hilarious quirk, but he LOVES Wendy's, of all things!  He is the one who saved me before my last audition by running out to get me copies of my piece!

Tuesday, I've got an audition which has required some brushing up of some old rep.  I'm intrigued by, and shall we say nervously excited, about this particular audition as the concept is interesting and requires movement and dance.  Ahem.  And now you understand my concern.  At any rate, I'll go in there and give it all I've got.  As long time readers of this blog have observed, I definitely know how to dance it's just that I'm not sure if my kind of dancing it out is the kind they want. :)

In these kinds of uncertain audition situations (and let's face it-- most are uncertain in some way! Anything can happen...), I just try to focus on giving a consistent and compelling vocal performance and keeping a very open mind and heart.

I'm the only person I can control.

In other news I'm excited to hear some Bach and Handel at this concert on Sunday, and have some guacamole after at Blue Agave.  It's funny, I have to keep reminding Joe that there are other foods and cocktails in the world in the summer besides guacamole and margaritas.  We eat out on our own really only once a week, and I have to say lately nine times out of ten it has been guac and margs!  But the fact is I love when you can walk everywhere, and living in our neighborhood, we can walk to the mexican place.  I am reminding Joe we can also walk to the pizza place, the thai place, the japanese, the  pub...oh well!  He is very cute about it.   And anyway, it is summer.

My food for thought this weekend:

It is not my job to school others and force them to think rightly, or to change their ways.  As a friend I must offer my support, and build them up, remind them of their inherent fabulousness, and  always be the ear for whatever is happening in their lives.  I must try never to make them feel less than, or that their feelings are wrong or unimportant.  Only when they ask for my advice will I give it.  Who am I to say, when I am still walking up and down the streets everyday with questions in my heart, my mind every minute.  I want to be a safe place for each and every person I know.  I have been teasingly referred to as "The Feelings Police," a title I am kind of flattered by because I hope people feel: Your heart is safe with me.

We have not just ended up with what we have.  At least as far as adulthood is concerned, our choices have brought it to us.  We can delight in the good we have manifested and ponder the bad, but it all comes back to us: we are the manifestors.  

The universal law of cause and effect is happening all around me, and I have to make sure I am causing the good and effecting happiness.  

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