Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Friday!

I'm looking forward to a weekend complete with lots of practicing and walks and going to the pool.  I had hoped it would also include this adorable shoulder bag I bid on on ebay, but someone outbid me and won the auction this morning while I was in the shower.  So sad.  Ahh...these are real first world problems.  :)

I've been working on this insane Bach aria lately, who is really quite a bitch, but I love her.  The twists and turns, and the lack of breathing time!  What was this man thinking??? But it is soooo good.

It's like I am in a twists and turns phase, because Violetta is another current victim-- first act, of course.  I am learning so much about the role by listening to very old recordings of sopranos singing the scena.  I am starting to think I really only want to listen to Joyce and Diana from these days.  And Angela Meade.  And the odd Netrebko moment.  Oh, and Mariella Devia!!!! But really just them.  If I find any others, I'll let you know.  :) But from the old days, obvs, Beverly, Joan, Anna, Maria, Eileen Farrell, the odd Leontyne, and when I am feeling like a mezzo, Regina Resnick.  Oh, and how could I forget Kiri...but she is not really an old timer.

Who are your favorite old time singers?  Have I missed any of the major soprano players?

Happy weekend.  And do me a favor and take out something totally inappropriate for you that you adore and just sing through it.  Experimenting is so much fun, and singing IS supposed to be fun.

Who knows, maybe someday you really will get hired to sing it!