Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Jaunt to the Big Apple

It wasn't exactly a jaunt, really.  We were busy every second.  It was intense.  

First, my bus was late and I barely made it to my lesson.  Speaking of lessons, by now I should know that there is literally no chance of getting to New York on time on a bus on a Friday afternoon.  REALLY.  And I need to plan for that better. The traffic is super horrific.  I barely had time to get some grapes at that iconic purveyor of produce, Duane Read.  But I got there, and I sang "Traurigkeit" like a champ.  It think this Konstanze business is working for me. 


Then, I took the subway back downtown to meet Joe at the hotel and get dressed to go for dinner at the ever delicious Benoit.  I had the cheese souffle there Friday night that made the world seem so good and sparkly and purely lovely.  I mean, who doesn't want to eat something that is literally oozing delicately flavored cheese?  It was unreal.   We had lots of plans for going to other places for drinks and dessert, but by the time we had stuffed ourselves with savory French delicacies, there was absolutely no room for anything else.  And between my work meeting in the morning, rushing to get to the bus, rushing for the subway, rushing to get grapes, rushing to my lesson...your girl was tired.

The next morning, it was my diner for breakfast, then another walk, and my lesson.  We got a cab to take us to the bus stop.  Well, either this gentleman was new or he hated me, because I had an honest to goodness panic attack in the car while we were sitting in cross-town traffic almost barely missing our bus. 

But I came home with a lot of music to work on and some clear direction as to what the heck I'm doing this year with this whole singing thing.  

In general, I am gaining the courage to put myself out there a bit more, and having the confidence to send the emails and ask for the auditions and self-promote just a bit better.

Love the art, hate/embrace the business.  But we have to wade through. 

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