Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 1

Everything was going so smoothly until they announced our flight was delayed...and it just kept getting later.  And later.  I did meet a really nice family with two cute kids that were completely melting down, poor was late at night and they were only five and three.

My flight arrived at midnight, I waited forty minutes to get a car, and then I had a 90 minute drive to my destination.

When I finally fell into bed at 3 am, I slept like a log until the phone rang at 8 am asking for Anita.  Note to self: unplug phone in these types of situations.  I went back to sleep for another hour and then...well...I was a mess when I woke up. So this is what it must feel like to have a newborn, I told myself, except less sleep.

But today, I went to the space to check out the lay of the land and meet my home stay family.  That was when things started to look up.  I am now in my cosy, fabulous cabana after a delicious dinner...starting to get a little nervous.  Pounding water, eating lots of pineapple, not talking.

I started to wonder about my starting aria after hearing it from one of the others today.  So I spent several hours wondering what other aria I should start with.  I bugged Joe about it too.

Then I remembered that the reasoning I had used to choose it was sound.  As I thought through it from every angle, I realized that what I bring is different than what she brought.  Fear is no reason to change the whole strategy now.

It's time to just stop worrying and do it.

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