Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things for Thursday

Hello all!  Its a beautiful day here in Baltimore, MD.

Some crazy stuff happened yesterday:

-- for about two hours I was convinced that I had a kidney stone, which is a lot less fun than it sounds.  

-- I wore black tights with contrasting shoes.

I know, I'm crazy, right?

Anyway,  since I have several competitions and concerts coming up and some traveling to do, I've been scouring the Ebays for some fabulous audition looks that are a bit springier.  And the lovely news is I found some amazing evening gowns for barely any money while out with my mom last wee, and I am able to fit into a size I never thought possible.  It was very encouraging.  Although at this particular place, I'm sure there is major vanity sizing, it's still fun!

I'm planning ahead as best I can to be sure I feel as diva-fabulous as possible.  First of all, something needs to be done about my feet if I'm going to be wearing open-toed shoes with my gowns-- that's an appointment I'll be needing to make.  I've got my portable steamer-- that's key.  My one dilemma is a present for my home-stay hosts...what to bring???  I love when I get wine and chocolate, but that can be so tricky because some folks don't drink, and some folks have dietary issues with sweets!   If anyone has any suggestions, please...!!! Help me!

I've been very methodical with my practice as I prepare the arias.  Two are new, which is a bit of a challenge all its own, two are OLD favorites, which I know very well, and one is medium.  So each day I work carefully with the metronome on the new ones, then work on the dramatic gestures and making sure the acting ideas are clear.  The medium one is truly the most challenging aria I've ever sung, and is one that requires intense focus, just to sing it.  Adding anything with acting is still a bit of a challenge, so I'm working on that each day too.  One of the new ones has a B section that isn't musically difficult, but is dramatically and vocally daunting for me for some reason.  That is going to require some more serious practice, but I'm up for the challenge, and ultimately I believe it is a PERFECT piece for me.  Every day I chip away at them.  And this weekend, I'll be in New York again to work with my coach and teacher and fine-tune some things!  I can't wait.  Singing is my very favorite thing, and I think I get more obsessed with voices every day.  Everyday I discover more about my own voice, figure out how to fix little things here and there, and realize how far I've come.

AND it's Thursday which means we've got the weekend to look forward to! 

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Aixa M. Carmona said...

This are all great things! Hope you have a productive coaching in NY!