Thursday, January 08, 2009

Recits are us

The lucky thing is that Donna E doesn't really have that many recits, so I can kind of feel like I've got a handle on them. The real trial for my character are those grueling ensemble finales! I continue to stress about "Mi tradi," but since my fabulous husband's around and can play through it for me a few times each day, I think we're going to get it, sooner or later. The last, longest florid passage is truly what kills me. Much like the one in the first act quartet "Che mi dice di quel traditore" section. Oh, god. Kill me now. But every day it gets better, so there's hope!

Whatever other fun diversions I could have (shopping, watching Bravo, eating, dancing, shopping, watching Bravo), I still prefer this. Yay. I am so lucky.

The huge enormous elephant in the room, or the blog, as it were, is that the Ravens are in the playoffs, and well, a certain husband of mine is waiting with bated breath for Saturday. The only problem with this is that if the boys in purple don't win I'm afraid I'll have to hide all the kitchen knives and any rope we may have laying around. So, you obviously know who I'm routing for, and folks, it isn't Tennessee. Did I ever in a million years think I would have single clue football playoffs even existed, much less who was playing who? No. But that's life for you. Delightfully weird and unpredictable in every way!

Okay, I'm going home in a while, and will resume practicing like a mad woman. And will make stir fry for dinner, and watch "The City" which I have DVRed. Thank you very much.

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Completely Coloratura said...

In a concert recently, I sang Donna A (sooo not my fach...shhh!) in the sextet...what a great piece of music. Have fun getting to know Donna E!