Friday, February 13, 2009


LONG rehearsal last night and I am TIRED today. On our way up last night, we stopped off to get a little "healthy" dinner before rehearsal, and by healthy I mean, no fries with that. So, Ms. A and were proud of our restraint. However, after three hours of singing some loud-ass music with octave jumps to spare, I was really regretting not having eaten more. Oy. And the bad thing was, Susan brought me a whole huge container of brownies yesterday as a thank you for doing her a favor. I love brownies. I had been fantasizing about them, actually, at work on Wednesday, and that's probably what made her think to get them for me. So I took them to rehearsal with me, hoping that the hungry sopranos would polish them off and I would have non left to accidentally eat. So I guess I had a couple when I got home last night. But enough of feeling guilty. On to a new day of not eating brownies even though they are in front of my face.

Wow. That first act finale will wipe you out. And then, straight to the trio in the second act which contains some of my most nightmarish octave jumps. It was a late night last night, and we were both popping advil to keep the headache situation at bay.

That being said, I have a lot of freaking blocking to memorize, and must somehow figure out how to make Mi tradi believable from an acting stand-point, and not too static. It will have to get done tonight, because tomorrow, I'm getting my hair dyed and that will take most of the day, and then there's Valentine's day to worry about. Dinner out? I say yes. And I'll be looking forward to some champagne. Sighhh. Champagne.

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R. HANEL said...

Jessy! Just eat the damn brownies already! :) oh, I have a blog now, in case you were wondering... lol
happy v day, I love you