Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well, I tried on the dress in question, and definitely decided that, while it was a great dress, it doesn't highlight the parts that need highlighting in an audition. So I wore a high-waisted black skirt with a bright (low-cut) top, heels, tights and plenty of make-up. It felt comfortable and attractive, so...yay.

The weekend was filled with singing-related activities mostly having to do with getting me closer to feeling ready to sing this role. Sunday's rehearsal was long, but productive for me, as I feel I am a couple steps closer to feeling really confident about singing the second act.

Friday, I went to drinks, with a friend, and it turned into dinner. Funnnn, and then Saturday, Joe took me out for a dinner to celebrate our two year anniversary of officially being together. The Helmand was SOOO good. I always wish that I went there more often, but for some reason, it's just not on my radar as much as other places...I was garlic-o-licious for 24 hours after, too. But it was worth it. Deal with my garlic, people.

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